The Curricular Design Institute was attended by 84 faculty members from humanities, social science and STEM departments throughout the College.  During four days of synchronous workshops and eight days of asynchronous modules, faculty worked in learning communities of 6-7 faculty members to help each other readapt their syllabi for the Fall 2020 semester and all of the challenges and potential that it brings.

The Curricular Design Institute runs asynchronously until June 25th, 2020.

Some feedback from CDI participants:  

Great strategies for community building, creating more opportunities for professor-student interactions as well as student-student interactions.

 The CDI was absolutely amazing - every single day (and exercise, discussion prompt, reading, presentation, etc.) was so valuable and rich and helpful. You guided faculty so productively in reflecting on their teaching goals and practices but also provided such practical, concrete guidance on preparing for the fall. I'm simply blown away, and so very grateful. 

I enjoyed the Learning Communities very much, finding such inspiration from my colleagues. 

Screenshot from CDI