Our Projects

Our Projects

Materiality, Embodiment and Pedagogy Online

As teaching and learning has continued remotely into 2021, our series on materiality and embodiment in online teaching and learning addresses a potential challenge:  How can online courses creatively center the material and embodied practices? We interviewed faculty and staff about their approaches, raising the following questions: What is the role of objects and the corporeal in the online learning process? What new pedagogical practices develop in the online context when physical objects, bodies and embodied practices are centered as sites of learning? 

Our Projects

Undesign the Redline: Virtual Pedagogy Workshop

Between June 21-24, the CEP will offer a virtual pedagogy workshop that revolves around the forthcoming exhibit, Undesign the Redline. This workshop will be designed to offer a core group of Barnard teacher-scholars with opportunities to learn about the substance of the exhibit and to collaborate with each other to develop ways to integrate different aspects of the exhibit into their courses.

Our Projects

Sustaining Curricula 2021

This spring, the Center for Engaged Pedagogy in partnership with the Sustainable Practices Committee invites you to four virtual sessions. These sessions are designed not only to support faculty in their efforts to integrate environment, sustainability and climate change into curricula, but also to think about interdisciplinary ways to structure collaboration across departments, e.g. funded, team-taught courses.

Accessibility Week 2021

We are excited to invite faculty and students to Accessibility Week 2021: Disability and Social Justice! Click below to learn more about our offerings for the week of March 15th, or RSVP via our Tito page. Please note that all events will include CART (Communication Access Realtime Translation) captioning.

Our Projects

Barnard Bold Conference 2021

Started back in 2018, the Bold Conference is an annual event intended to facilitate conversations between faculty, staff, and students, with the intention of continuing to strengthen teaching and learning at Barnard College. This year, the Conference theme is Fostering a Culture of Care, Challenge, and Equity with three sessions (3-4:30pm EST on 2/5, 2/12, and 2/19) that center on compassionate teaching and learning, reevaluations of academic rigor and assessment, and engagement with racial equity and antiracism in the classroom.

Our Projects

Time Management

To support the development of students' time management skills, the CEP, CARDS, Furman, and Beyond Barnard created a set of self-guided Time Management modules for Barnard students. This special course will offer general time management strategies, discuss methods of overcoming procrastination, provide tips and tools for tackling large assignments, prompt you to reflect on how you want to devote your time and energies, share a variety of additional resources, and more! To access the Time Management course, please fill out this form.

Our Projects

Beyond Content: Restructuring Core Courses for Inclusion

The Center for Engaged Pedagogy presents the 2020 Beyond Content Series: Restructuring Core Courses for Inclusion. This will be a two-day lecture series featuring three scholars who apply innovative pedagogical practices to foster inclusion in three different fields. You can read more about each speaker and lecture below.

Please RSVP for one or more sessions via this Google Form

Our Projects

Community of Practice: Anti-Racism

Over the course of AY 2020-2021, the Center for Engaged Pedagogy will host an institute on antiracism that is directed toward faculty. Throughout the institute, participants will read excerpts of foundational theories of race and racism, connect this scholarship to their own teaching through reflection and discussion with colleagues, and create and adapt antiracist strategies to design their courses, facilitate difficult discussions, and deliver content and assessment. 

Our Projects

Barnard Anti-Racist Reading Group

The Barnard Anti-Racist Reading Group is intended to serve as a structured and intentional space for Barnard faculty to engage in antiracist work within the context of our disciplines and institutions. We meet once monthly during the fall and spring semesters, for approximately an hour and a half. Each meeting will focus on two or three texts on antiracist pedagogy, broadly conceived, and allow participants to think through connections between foundational texts in the field, more recent scholarship from various disciplines, and their own classroom and institutional practices. Discussions will be framed and gently guided by facilitators, and discussion questions will be made available ahead of time to participants. Please contact Duygu Ula (dula@barnard.edu) with any questions.

Our Projects

Summer Pedagogy Symposium

From July 13-17 2020, the Center for Engaged Pedagogy hosted a virtual, intensive Summer Pedagogy Symposium, an opportunity for Barnard faculty and staff to participate in pedagogical exploration, collaboration, and innovation, with a focus on adapting to different possible teaching scenarios for the upcoming fall semester. The Symposium covered topics such as maintaining student engagement in online courses, addressing racism in the classroom, creating inclusive and accessible learning experiences, utilizing digital tools and more. See all sessions at the event link. If you would like to access the recordings from the Symposium, please email pedagogy@barnard.edu.

Our Projects

Curricular Design Institute

The Center for Engaged Pedagogy, with support from IMATS and the Computational Science Center, hosted a four-day (June 15-18th) synchronous virtual intensive Curricular Design Institute for faculty to create Fall 2020 courses that critically engage with digital technologies and approaches.  If you would like to access the recordings from the Institute, please email us

Ask a Question or Make a Suggestion

We welcome faculty, students and staff to tell us what you would like support with and to ask us questions. 

Would you like to discuss how to facilitate difficult classroom conversations? Are you curious about how technology could be engagingly integrated into your course? Are you preparing a class presentation and need feedback? Would you like to consult about how to better balance your extracurricular activities and your coursework? Do you have an idea for a helpful student, faculty or departmental workshop?

The CEP is excited about all of your suggestions and questions.  Please submit them via this form. We will make every attempt to answer and facilitate as soon as we can.