Center for Engaged Pedagogy

Post Baccalaureate Fellow Applications Now Open!

The CEP Is now hiring a post-baccalaureate fellow! This is a full-time, salaried position open to recent graduates. 

Teaching Toward Sustainability: Pedagogy, Climate, and Environmental Justice

We are excited to share our first resource on teaching sustainability, climate, and environmental justice, which we see as the first installment of a larger project. Special thanks to Sustainability & Climate Action for their feedback and support. 

Abolitionist Pedagogy Discussion Group

Inspired by the formation of the Abolitionist Pedagogy Discussion Group, we offer a living resource of books, articles, videos, podcasts, and syllabi to encourage critical and creative thinking about how abolitionist pedagogy can inform our teaching, our learning, and our way of life.


At the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, we believe that teaching and learning is a transformative process. Both students and teachers engage in meaningful teaching and learning practices that foster mutual growth and facilitate the collaborative cultivation of knowledge. We are committed to supporting and striving towards inclusive and innovative pedagogical practices that acknowledge diverse ways of knowing, forms of expertise, and academic pathways.