Center for Engaged Pedagogy

Repetition, Repair and Racial Trauma

The CEP and FYS invite Barnard faculty and instructors to an interactive workshop led by Dr. Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz titled "Repetition, Repair and Racial Trauma: Racial Literacy and the Archeology of Self in Affective Pedagogy." This workshop will take place Friday May 14, 12-1:30pm. In this interactive workshop, Dr. Sealey-Ruiz will share her Racial Literacy Development (RLD) framework, and discuss one of the major components—The Archaeology of the Self—as an approach to engaging the affective in the teaching and learning process.


The Center for Engaged Pedagogy Receives the Linda A. Bell Award for Collaborative Creativity and Excellence in Teaching

The Center for Engaged Pedagogy is very honored to receive the inaugural Linda A. Bell Award for Collaborative Creativity and Excellence in Teaching, "given annually to the group whose teaching efforts most embody Provost Bell’s willingness to listen, experiment, and collaborate with others as well as her commitment to achieving academic excellence and innovation." Read more about the Award here:

Undesign the Redline

Join the CEP and Milstein Center between June 21-24 for a virtual pedagogy workshop related to the forthcoming Undesign the Redline exhibit. On these dates, faculty will collaborate, share resources, and exchange ideas about substantial ways of incorporating the exhibit into their courses. Fill out this form by April 16 to express your interest:


At the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, we believe that teaching and learning is a transformative process. Both students and teachers engage in meaningful teaching and learning practices that foster mutual growth and facilitate the collaborative cultivation of knowledge. We are committed to supporting and striving towards inclusive and innovative pedagogical practices that acknowledge diverse ways of knowing, forms of expertise, and academic pathways.

Time Management

Resolve to manage your time more effectively in 2021! The CEP, CARDS, the Furman Counseling Center, and Beyond Barnard present two time management resources to support students this semester. Sign up for our workshop, "Time Management Best Practices: an Intro," on January 28, 4-5:30PM EST. 

We are also offering an online Time Management course on Courseworks that offers time management strategies, methods of overcoming procrastination, and more! Request access to the self-guided course using this form.