The Center for Engaged Pedagogy (CEP) advances the practice of teaching and the experience of learning on Barnard’s campus.  With its deep history and commitment to academic excellence and close faculty-student interaction, Barnard has from its inception been an ever-evolving laboratory for innovative teaching and engaged learning. The CEP continues to build on that history as it gathers, connects, and expands best pedagogic practices, and offers new methodologies and support-systems for student learning.


As a forum for dialogue within and across Barnard’s departments, centers, programs, libraries, and collections, the CEP  invites experimentation in the classroom, laboratory, studio, and in the community at large. The CEP is founded on the conviction that the best teaching is the most inclusive teaching. Supporting Barnard’s commitment to create an environment where no voices are silenced and all of us can thrive, the CEP explores, promotes, and exemplifies effective and contextual practices to serve every member of the Barnard community.


The CEP serves as a hub for student learning and support at all levels of the curriculum by providing student tutorials on study strategies, the use of new technologies and much more. For faculty, the CEP will offer workshops and 1-1 sessions on topics ranging from inclusive teaching strategies to the use of streaming technology in classroom instruction.

We're still building our website. Interested in learning more? Check back here for updated information in the coming weeks, or reach out to Miriam Neptune at