Center for Engaged Pedagogy


Looking Back: Barnard Bold Conference 2024

The 6th annual Bold Conference facilitated conversation between students, faculty, and staff with the intention of strengthening teaching and learning at Barnard. The conference featured sessions on generative AI, facilitation, the politics of refusal, citation justice, and more. These sessions were developed in collaboration with the CEP student and faculty advisory committees.


At the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, we believe that teaching and learning is a transformative process. Both students and teachers engage in meaningful teaching and learning practices that foster mutual growth and facilitate the collaborative cultivation of knowledge. We are committed to supporting and striving towards inclusive and innovative pedagogical practices that acknowledge diverse ways of knowing, forms of expertise, and academic pathways.

Generative AI Learning Community

In collaboration with the CEP, CSC, and BLAIS, IMATS is running a Generative AI Learning Community during the 2023-24 academic year. Open to students. faculty, and staff, this is a monthly, hybrid space where we can come together to learn about and play with this new technology in a supportive, collaborative environment. Discussion topics and activities will be driven by the interests of the participants. 

To participate, fill out the interest form linked below.


Dialogue and Difference

This resource presents a snapshot of an ongoing project that is dedicated to exploring techniques for facilitating complex classroom dialogues. Both this snapshot and the larger project it is connected to are intended to be dynamic resources that the CEP will expand and revise as it learns about and experiments with different facilitation tools and processes.