Center for Engaged Pedagogy

Beyond the Syllabus Statement: Faculty Resource Fair

We invite Barnard faculty to join us under Futter Field Tent on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 from 4-5:30pm for a resource fair on the topic of syllabus statements and the resources and staff behind them. This resource fair is aimed at connecting faculty with staff and administrators who can answer questions about their offices, the resources available to faculty and students, and the ways they can contextualize the statements to their class. 

Teaching Resources

Crafting Community Agreements

This resource provides faculty who are interested in beginning to use community agreements with guidance about how to develop them. While this resource focuses on classrooms and different class formats, its recommendations can easily be adapted for many kinds of collaborations and projects that involve other faculty, students, and staff. 

Teaching Resources

Active Learning

Active learning is a process of encounter, engagement and reflection. This guide offers an overview of active learning as well as strategies for designing and implementing active learning in the classroom for individual students, small groups, and the entire classroom. 

Abolitionist Pedagogy Resource Page

Inspired by the formation of the Abolitionist Pedagogy Discussion Group, we offer a living resource of books, articles, videos, podcasts, and syllabi to encourage critical and creative thinking about how abolitionist pedagogy can inform our teaching, our learning, and our way of life.


At the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, we believe that teaching and learning is a transformative process. Both students and teachers engage in meaningful teaching and learning practices that foster mutual growth and facilitate the collaborative cultivation of knowledge. We are committed to supporting and striving towards inclusive and innovative pedagogical practices that acknowledge diverse ways of knowing, forms of expertise, and academic pathways.