Center for Engaged Pedagogy


2023 Beyond Content Lecture Series

Join the Center for Engaged Pedagogy for the 2023 Beyond Content Series, a two-day lecture series featuring scholars who apply innovative pedagogical practices to foster equity and inclusion in different fields. This year, engage in a wide range of topics including sound as a method for spatial analysis, the ethics of qualitative interviewing, the myriad manifestations of pedagogical inclusivity and their labor implications, and Gen-Z culture in the classroom.


Dialogue and Difference

This resource presents a snapshot of an ongoing project that is dedicated to exploring techniques for facilitating complex classroom dialogues. Both this snapshot and the larger project it is connected to are intended to be dynamic resources that the CEP will expand and revise as it learns about and experiments with different facilitation tools and processes.


At the Center for Engaged Pedagogy, we believe that teaching and learning is a transformative process. Both students and teachers engage in meaningful teaching and learning practices that foster mutual growth and facilitate the collaborative cultivation of knowledge. We are committed to supporting and striving towards inclusive and innovative pedagogical practices that acknowledge diverse ways of knowing, forms of expertise, and academic pathways.


Generative AI & the College Classroom

Educators are acting fast to consider the implications of ChatGPT and several other generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The following recommendations represent the CEP’s and IMATS' initial and ongoing research into generative artificial intelligence and its implications in the higher education classroom, with recommendations for classroom activities, assignment design, and academic honesty and ethical considerations regarding the potential risks of this technology.

For Students

Parallel Play with Pals is back!

Parallel play typically describes young children playing next to each other without the need for interaction. The CEP is putting our own spin on it by introducing Parallel Play with Pals! These will be hosted weekly in Milstein 126 by your CEP pals with corresponding playlists ranging from peaceful play to artist-based play like Beyoncé, Phoebe Bridgers, Mitski and more. Parallel Play with Pals is the perfect atmosphere for getting your work done while sharing comfortable silence or a curated ambience with other students. You can also find these hours on our public calendar.