Community Resources

Community Resources

Anti-Racist Resources for Instructors, Staff, and Students

Inspired by the discussions of the Anti-Racist Reading Group in 2020-2021, we offer this living resource list of books, articles, and videos to expand upon the Anti-Racist Reading Group’s Syllabus and to encourage critical thinking about anti-racist pedagogy. Our resource list is also available in PDF form.  

Abolitionist Pedagogy Resources

Inspired by the formation of the Abolitionist Pedagogy Discussion Group, we offer this living resource of books, articles, videos, podcasts, and syllabi to encourage critical and creative thinking about how abolitionist pedagogy can inform our teaching, our learning, and our way of life.

CEP Indigenous Peoples' Day Read-a-Thon

On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the CEP hosted an afternoon read-a-thon featuring Indigenous scholarship, activism, and literature. This event was intended to not only highlight the important work of Indigenous writers and thinkers, but also to build mindfulness towards our individual and collective relationship to land and disrupt narratives of Indigenous invisibility.

Virtual Tea

Our new series highlighting faculty, student and staff experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic

For faculty, students and academic staff around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a moment of prolonged rupture and necessary re-evaluation during the transition to online teaching and learning. How has Barnard faculty approached this unprecedented period of transition? The CEP sat down with faculty members and teaching assistants to discuss their experiences, challenges and inspirations teaching in the time of pandemic.